Recap of our 2017-18 MSG Lab Readings

This year’s MSG Lab in partnership with PTC was the most successful yet; we had a terrific turnout. Even on the night when there was a snowstorm we had a full house! To recap, Gary Mok’s I broke the ocean, Yumi Ogawa’s Japanglish and Sangeeta Wylie’s The Boat People, were the three plays chosen to be workshopped with public readings. Congratulations to all those who participated– the actors, directors, dramaturgs and those who stayed behind to put away all the chairs. We are so grateful for the supportive community that is behind VACT and in particular those who faithfully attend our MSG Labs.

The Boat People team, Clockwise from top left: Donna Yamamoto, Manami Hara, Damon Bradley Jang, Elizabeth Thai, Heidi Taylor, Sangeeta Wylie, Mary Troung, Agnes Tong, Bahareh Shigematsu, Quynh Mi and Thai-Hoa Le

Japanglish team, L-R: Bahareh Shigematsu, Yumi Ogawa, Jane Heyman, Hiro Kanagawa, Manami Hara and Kathleen Flaherty
i broke the ocean team, L-R: Gary Mok, Jamie King, Joanna Garfinkel, Howie Lai, Bahareh Shigematsu, Melissa Oei, Diana Bang, BC Lee, Brent Hirose and Donna Yamamoto