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vAct is proud and grateful for the support we receive from our 2019-2020 exceptional donors.

If you’d like to become a vAct donor Donate Here.

Special Thanks to

Our Diamond Donor

Bonnie Mah

Our Platinum Donor

Jack Gin Family Foundation, held at Vancouver Foundation

Our Gold Donors

The McGrane-Pearson Endowment Fund, held at Vancouver Foundation
Elsie and Audrey Jang Fund, held at Vancouver Foundation

Our Silver Donor

Shinobu Homma

Our Bronze Donor

Bruce and Susan Stout

Thank You to All of Our 2019-20 Donors:

  • Alice Tham
  • Andrew Johnston
  • Anita Wu
  • Anna Fung
  • Ann-Marie Metten
  • Anonymous
  • Audrey Ho
  • Bonny Norton
  • Carol Lee
  • Carrie Sy
  • Cheryl Lee
  • Christina Yan-Lee and Michael Lee and family
  • Constance Kadota
  • D Wendy Lee
  • Debbie Gregg
  • Donna Yamamoto
  • Ellie O’Day
  • Eshghi Furuzawa Family
  • Eugene Lee
  • Glenna Wong
  • Helen Cheung
  • Helen Wong
  • Jane Brindley and Ross Paul
  • Janey Lew
  • Jennifer Jang
  • Jennifer Lee
  • Jill Fairclough
  • Judia Pelech
  • Judy Chang
  • Karen Chan
  • Karin Terado
  • Kathleen Dahlstrom
  • Kathleen Oliver
  • Kathryn Shaw
  • Kelly and Marc Bourne
  • Kevin Chong
  • Kim Mah
  • Linda Hoffman
  • Linda Wong
  • Linlin Hsia
  • Lynn Katey
  • Michael Chutter in honour of Abigail K.
  • Nancy Hogan
  • Naveen Kapahi
  • Patricia Tanaka
  • Paul and Mariko Richardson
  • Penelope Tham
  • Ramona Mar
  • Rie Shigematsu
  • Sandy Tanaka
  • Stan and Kathy Hamilton
  • Susan and Bruce Stout
  • Susan Cox
  • Susanna Tam
  • Teresa Mew
  • Terry Whitehead
  • Timothy Hsia
  • Wendy Yip and Santa Ono

Thank You to All the Donors Who Have Supported The Wrong Bashir by Zahida Rahemtulla:

  • Aadam Tejpar
  • Alisha Rahemtulla in honour of big sister
  • Anonymous
  • Aziz Jetha
  • Bashir &Yasmin Mohamed
  • Binary Stream Software Inc
  • Freshprep
  • Harry and Lin Chin Foundation
  • Iqbal Jetha
  • Mukhtar Rahemtulla
  • Nazir Rahemtulla
  • Nimet Kanji
  • Patricia Roy
  • Phiroza Lakhdir
  • Riaz Bandali
  • Roshan Jaffer
  • Shahira Tejpar
  • Shairoz Velij
  • Shamim Shivji
  • Shehin Rahemtulla
  • Shweta Sami
  • Susan Entwistle
  • Yasmin Kassam
  • Yasmin Meralli
  • Zahida Rahemtulla

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vAct Supporters


vAct is proud and grateful for the support we receive from our exceptional sponsors, funders, and donors.

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