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vAct is proud and grateful for the support we receive from our exceptional donors.

If you’d like to become a vAct donor Donate Here.

Special Thanks to

Our Diamond Donor

Bonnie Mah

Our Platinum Donors

Elsie and Audrey Jang Fund, held at Vancouver Foundation
Jack Gin Family Foundation, held at Vancouver Foundation

Our Gold Donors

Anndraya Luui
Ken Gracie & Philip Waddell of The McGrane-Pearson Endowment Fund, held at Vancouver Foundation

Our Silver Donors

Our Bronze Donors

Aydin Family In Memory of Robert Kawanami
Bruce and Susan Stout
D. Wendy Lee
David Pedlow
Helen Wong
Kenton Low
Kim Mah
Penny Tham
William & Catherine Liang

Thank You to All of Our Season Donors:

  • A. Ho
  • Abby’s Grandpa
  • Adam Grant Warren
  • Aleksandar Zecevic
  • Alice Eng
  • Alice Wong
  • Andie Lloyd
  • Andrea Cramer
  • Andrew Johnston
  • Andrew Laurenson
  • Angie Lee
  • Anita Rochon
  • Anjela Magpantay
  • Anonymous
  • Ash Katey
  • Bernie Yao
  • Brenda Benham
  • CauseFund Vancouver Fund by Unite for Change
  • Cecilia L
  • Chris Lam
  • Craig Boyko
  • Darren Boquist
  • David Mott
  • Donna Yamamoto Artist Fund, held at Vancouver Foundation
  • Dorothy Louie
  • EasyPark, In Celebration of Giving Tuesday
  • Ellie O’Day
  • Emily Larkman
  • Emma Chang
  • Esther Jang
  • Floyd Power Murphy
  • Francis Chang
  • Gem Chang-Kue
  • Gene Nillas Jr
  • Gerald King
  • Giselle Liu
  • Gloria Waldron
  • Grace Lin Siu Chin
  • Heather Barr
  • Heidi Taylor
  • Hildegard Westerkamp
  • Honos Foundation, held at Vancouver Foundation
  • In memory of Jim Wong-Chu, founder of ACWW
  • Jack Mosher
  • Jae Woo Kang
  • Jane Heyman & Lionel Johnston
  • Jean Lum
  • Jen Wong
  • Jeremy Vreeken
  • Jessamine Liu
  • JM Hurst
  • Joanna Garfinkel
  • Jocelyn Tsui
  • Jordyn Wood
  • Joyce Rosario
  • Joyce Wong
  • Julian Fiorello
  • Kat Morris
  • Kathleen Dahlstrom
  • Kayleigh Sandomirsky
  • Keira Madsen
  • Keith Lim
  • Kelly McInnes
  • Kenny Poon
  • Kristina Lao
  • Laura Fukumoto
  • Lauren MacLeod
  • Lisa Martin
  • Lola Lee
  • Loretta Seto & Peter Wiholm
  • Lynda Shioya
  • Maiko Yamamoto
  • Max Mehran
  • Megan Zong
  • Myra Andrews
  • Naomi Yamamoto
  • Nelson Ng
  • Nhi Do
  • Norman Yeung
  • Patricia Low
  • Patricia Tanaka in memory of Shin and Reiko Endo
  • Peg Keenleyside
  • Peter Dickinson
  • Rachel Iwaasa
  • Rachel Lee
  • Ramona Mar
  • Rob Kitsos
  • Robyn Jacob
  • Ross Paul and Jane Brindley
  • Sandra Sit
  • Shamim Shivji
  • Stephanie-Ann Wong
  • Taylor Kleine-Deters
  • Terry Whitehead
  • Thérèse Soong
  • Tom Chin, In Loving Memory of Joyce Lam
  • Vanessa Goodman
  • Veronique West
  • Vicki Lum
  • Vicky Dirgelaite
  • Wendy Yip
  • Wladimiro Woyno
  • Yok Leng Chang

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vAct is proud and grateful for the support we receive from our exceptional sponsors, funders, and donors.

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