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Embers of the Past
By Louisa Phung
When: Jan 27, 2022 07:00 PM in PST
Leigh, a Chinese Canadian woman, and her mother, Ming Yue, are immersed in their memories as they pack up the home of their family friend, Amalia. “Embers of the Past” does away with the long-held stereotype of nuclear Asian families, ones with strict yet well-meaning parents that expect perfect grades of their children, of the “model minority.” Instead, it is a portrait of a single mother suffering from PTSD, forced to make difficult decisions that change the course of her and her daughter’s life. This story is many things; words left unspoken, the ripple effects of trauma from the past that leaves its mark on the present, growing up, parenthood, long-held resentment, love, and forgiveness.

The Strange Dreams of Kane Who, Or, These Things I Saw
By Joy Gong
When: Jan 28, 2022 07:00 PM in PST
After a strange dinner party, Kane stops being able to tell if the world around him is truly as it seems. Everyone seems to be in on a secret he knows nothing about, including his sister Amanda. As Kane pieces together clues, he discovers a sinister family curse that brings him to seek extreme solutions. In this exploration of family and self-image, the twisting narrative asks us a question: How can we hold on to who we think we are if it is based on the perception of others?

By Bianca Miranda
When: Jan 29, 2022 07:00 PM in PST
Dee has had it. She is completely fed up. For most of her life, Dee has been pleasing, appeasing, and molding herself for others. There is something that wants to come out, something ugly, and it’s got wings. “Opo” follows the story of Dee in her quest to find her authentic self and it’s strikingly clear what that is – a manananggal, a shape-shifting creature that detaches from its lower body, and sucks the viscera out of its victims.