…wreckage upon wreckage…

…wreckage upon wreckage…

Created by A Wake of Vultures under the artistic leadership of Nancy Tam
December 2-3
Location: Morrow (204-910 Richards Street)
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Content note: Performances of …wreckage upon wreckage… contain nudity. 

…wreckage upon wreckage… is a durational performance installation for solo performer accompanied by an immersive soundscape. From dawn to dusk, the performer encases her body with cling film and tape to create translucent skin-like sculptures—physically documenting her existence. Each human-shaped chrysalis is then moulted, and the process begins again. …wreckage upon wreckage… is a meditation on history, time, and the body—a constant movement toward the future while leaving behind corporeal traces of the past.

Due to the installation’s nature, audiences can stay and go as they please for the performance’s entire duration.

A Wake of Vultures | Nancy Tam
Director and Performer: Nancy Tam (Lead Artist)
AI Designer: Paul Paroczai
AI Consultant: Kivanç Tatar
Composer: Charlie Cooper and Nancy Tam
Supported by Dumb Instrument Dance through subsidized use of Morrow