A Year of Blessings: The Legend of the Whooshhh

A Year of Blessings: The Legend of the Whooshhh

A Five Blessings Collective Production
Co-Presented by Gateway Theatre and Vancouver Asian Canadian Theatre

devised and co-written by Derek Chan, Jasmine Chen, Howard Dai, Nancy Tam, and Kristin Fung

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We celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival with Eunice, RoRo, and Mabel. The three chum salmon swim upstream from the ocean, through the estuary, up the creek, and homeward bound into the forest where they will spawn. With rising temperatures and lowering water levels, The Three Chums will need to rely on their enduring friendships, new connections, the myth of Chang Er, and the legend of The Whooshhh—the salmon cannon—to get them safely home.

With performances by

Stephanie Wong as Eunice

Angela Chu as RoRo

Harmony Yen as Mabel

Kristin Fung as Tuna Turner / Vendor 2

Pedro Chamale as Seahorse Dad

Cindy Kao as Brad

Raugi Yu as Jean Claude van Dam / Minibus driver

Kayleigh Sandomirsky as PA / Rude Frog –

Robyn Jacob as DJ JellyBelly

Jasmine Chen as Steelhead

Conor Wylie as Uni the Urchin Merchant

Charlie Cooper as Duncan

Fins Together, Friends Forever’ composed and performed by Kristin Fung; ‘Whooshing up the River (Proud Chang’e)’ arranged and performed by Kristin Fung; Baby When I Row My Boat arranged by Kristin Fung, performed by Cindy Kao; Do You Believe in Life After Whoosh arranged by Robyn Jacob, performed by Kristin Fung

Sound Design by Nancy Tam
Mixed and mastered by Ira Jordison
Illustrations by Cherry Lu
Voice Direction / Performance Direction by Jasmine Chen
Charlie Cooper – Associate Producer

A Year of Blessings is devised and co-written by Five Blessings Collective—Nancy Tam, Derek Chan, Robyn Jacob, Jasmine Chen, Howard Dai—Amanda Sum, and Kristin Fung