Save the date for our MSG Lab readings

Free admission
Location: Progress Lab Studio, 1422 William St

My Little Tomato by Rick Tae
When: January 15th, 8pm-10pm
A Chinese-Canadian kindergarten teacher inherits an organic farm from his deceased parents and vows to continue the business to honor his family name. As Keaton Chu learns to grow, nurture and pour his heart out into every single fruit and vegetable, he obsesses over finding a home for each, believing that every life has a purpose whether deformed, rotten or misjudged. Meanwhile, a young Japanese-Irish wholesaler, Joe McKinley, has fallen in crush over this avant garde supplier — helping to guide Keaton towards true love of the ‘conventional’ kind, supporting his unique eccentricities and yet showing that relationships are ultimately possible even when tomatoes have to come in between them.

Oh Sandra! by June Pang
When: January 16th, 8pm-10pm
Turbulent, imaginative Frankie is irrepressibly drawn to curious but complicated Audrey. Art and politics infuse the language of love and lust in this play about making the best of bad timing, avoiding the obvious, and living life in the warm, comforting glow of cultural heroes.

Himmat by Gavan Cheema
When: January 19th, 8pm-10pm
Himmat by Gavan Cheema is a gripping and hilarious narrative that uses both Punjabi and English to delve into the world of a father and daughter born generations and miles apart. It is a story about redemption and love. A story that humanizes a working-class immigrant father in an attempt to shed light on many topics Punjabi families keep in the dark. Told through flashbacks and set in Surrey Memorial Hospital, Himmat takes it’s audience on a journey to explore the complexity of family history and the impending doom of human mortality.