Monica vs. The Internet

Monica vs. The Internet: Tales of a Social Justice Warrior

by Monica Ogden and KP Dennis

Presented by vAct, in association with ahmm at Morrow by Dumb Instrument Dance

Saturday, May 20, 7:30pm
Sunday, May 21, 7:30pm

Location: Morrow

Cost: $5 or $15 (choose your own tier, general seating)

Buy tickets here. Please note that masks are mandatory for this event.

Three Filipinas. 1000 internet comments. One traumatized comedian.

Award-winning Filipina storyteller and comedian Monica Ogden sheds light on activism and disability culture, mixed-race identity, and how white feminism is like Lays chips. From Lilang’s immigration, mom’s rise to stardom as Miss Kapuskasing, to Monica’s failed YouTube career, Monica lives in the reality of intergenerational trauma and how it affects the Filipina women who raised her. MONICA VS. THE INTERNET is a multi-media stand-up show that will leave you in tears, both the laughy kind and the heart ones.

Written and Performed by Monica Ogden

Directed and Co-Created by K.P Dennis

Produced by Rage Sweater Theatre Productions

Film Production by Queer Based Media

Production Management – Maria Zarillo, Tony Adams

RISER Coordination – Tom Davis, Kelly Read

Director of Photography – Chris Reed & Kendall Yan

Editor – Kendall Yan & Chris Reed

Lighting – Vee Pho

Audio Technician – Vee Pho

Production Assistant – Bella Sie

Hair and Makeup – Isabelle Cooke

Hair and Makeup Assistant – M I L O

Production Support – James Ogden

ASL Translation & Interpretation – Gaitrie Persaud

Filmed at KW Studios

Generously supported by Canadian Heritage, the Canada Council for the Arts and the BC Arts Council