Jade Circle

March 6-17, 2024

A rice & beans theatre Production
Presented by Gateway Theatre in association with Vancouver Asian Canadian Theatre

written and performed by Jasmine Chen

March 6-17

Location: Gateway Theatre (6500 Gilbert Road), Richmond

Cost: $30, with a pay-what-you-will performance on March 6

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“Don’t wait to learn and don’t wait to ask. Whatever your language is, spoken or unspoken, it can bring you closer to who you are.” 

Jade Circle is a multidisciplinary performance in Mandarin and English performed by Jasmine Chen.  Jasmine is a second-generation immigrant who has lost her mother tongue through cultural assimilation. After the death of her grandmother, she recalls the fragments of Taiwanese children’s songs she was taught as a child. Feeling the loss of being unable to connect with her grandmother while she was still alive, Jasmine begins her journey of relearning Mandarin. Through interviews with her mother, Jasmine travels through memory to learn the hidden story of her grandmother. Using music, movement and storytelling, Jasmine finds her place within the legacy of her matriarchs.

Translator and Cultural Consultant – Johnny Wu
Director – Derek Chan
Stage Manager – Karen Chiang
Set/Props/Costume Designer – Julia Kim
Video Designer – Daniel O’Shea
Co-Sound Designer – Aysha Dulong (Sapphire Haze)
Co-Sound Designer – Cindy Kao (Sapphire Haze)
Lighting Designer – Jonathan Kim
Visual Artist – Jessica Chen
Assistant Director – Katie Voravong
Production Manager – Jamie Sweeney
Technical Director – Liam Hunt
Technical Director Assistant – Brianna Bernard